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corporate garden design

Corporate designs and planting schemes for businesses communicate sophistication, flair, and confidence

Incorporating expertly-designed green areas in and around commercial premises has an immensely positive impact on clients’ perceptions of a company. Corporate garden design shows that a company cares about its working environment, its staff, its identity, and its business.

And for developers seeking to attract new tenants or potential purchasers, this attention to detail is a wise investment. It adds real value to an office building. That’s our corporate offer: the dividend that comes from inspired garden design.

Corporate Garden Design & landscaping by Raine Clarke-Wills.

Gardens play an important role in the use of commercial buildings.

We design innovative and visually striking design schemes for architects, property developers, landscape contractors and local authorities.


A European commercial project at Sirius Facilities

This commercial garden was designed & created to compliment the indoor meeting rooms, to make the best use of the outdoor space and to encourage additional meetings to be held in an impressive setting. Since the creation of the outdoor space, it has proved to be a great success.