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Raine Clarke-Wills
Raine Clarke Wills.

Raine Garden Design was founded by Raine, a leading garden designer in the industry, having won numerous awards for her exceptional design work.

She is now Raine Garden Design’s head consultant designer where she has successfully designed and built hundreds of projects, ranging from charming, intimate courtyards, to impressive rambling estates, all design work is carefully created with the client in mind. She then brings these designs to life, creating breathtakingly, beautiful outdoor spaces for clients to delight in for years to come.

With over 23 years of experience in landscape design, she has an in-depth understanding of the design and construction process and is responsible for overseeing all projects.

Renowned for her attention to detail, with an astute ability to understand her client’s needs, she possesses a vibrant passion to create outstanding beauty in outdoor spaces. She is unique in her approach, balancing openness, while expressing her expert opinion with honesty. All projects involve working closely and collaboratively with clients to create a stunning, aesthetic outcome.

Raine Clarke Wills.
Jane Attwood.

Jane Attwood

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Team member Jagoda Makowska.

Jagoda Makowska

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Raine Garden Design team member, Melissa Wilkinson.

Melissa Wilkinson

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Raine Garden Design team member, Lydia.

Lydia Pascoe

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Jane Attwood

Jane is Raine’s personal assistant and an integral part of the company. She takes responsibility for the majority of administrative tasks, ensuring the day-to-day running of the office is smooth and efficient. Alongside this, Jane is often the first point of call for clients, as she manages incoming enquiries and ongoing communications. She contributes to customer care, working closely with Raine to ensure clients have the optimum experience.

She has a varied skillset, having worked in both commercial and public sectors, in roles such as data input administrator and engineering support officer. She has a gift for organisation and is particularly talented with data management. Jane joins the rest of the team in sharing a passion for creativity, and an artistic eye, having worked as a textile artist and tutor of patchwork. This has significant value when assisting Raine in the selection and design of client materials. Her knowledge and skill, alongside her conscientious and diligent nature have been an absolute asset to the company since joining earlier this year.

Jagoda Makowska

Jagoda is a skilled assistant Garden Designer, with an artistic flair and passion for creativity. She has been creating garden design work for a number of years, having graduated from the University of Life Sciences in Lublin, with a master’s degree in engineering from the esteemed faculty of Landscape Architecture. Following her relocation to England, she has continued her journey into the field of landscape and architecture with unwavering passion.

Her strengths are in the beauty of her design work, particularly ¬¬her hand-drawing, which could stand alone as pieces of art. She assists with the design work for numerous garden projects, while being supported by Raine. She is a highly valued member of the team, bringing her vibrant ideas and creative design work.

Melissa Wilkinson

Mel is a glowing new addition to the team, currently working as a Junior Garden Designer, having recently graduated from the prestigious London College of Garden Design. She’s passionate about garden design and this is highlighted by her enthusiasm and impressive skillset.

Mel is gifted with a brilliant balance of logic and creativity; this is illustrated by her talent for CAD (computer-aided design). Mel assists with design work on various garden projects, overseen and supported by Raine She is responsible for creating 3D visualisations and mood boards. Though only at the very beginning of her journey with Raine Garden Design, we are especially excited to see Mel get the opportunity to demonstrate her skill.

Lydia Pascoe

Lydia is a budding new addition to the team. Fulfilling the new role of Marketing and Communications Executive, she works closely with Raine to fulfil responsibilities such as building brand awareness, producing creative content across social media channels, collaborating with external organisations and securing sponsorship opportunities.

Lydia is brimming with knowledge; she has an in-depth understanding of human psychology, having studied psychology in her undergraduate degree. She has varied work experience, having worked in both marketing and healthcare settings. She is currently working towards obtaining her master’s degree in occupational and organisational psychology. Her creativity, skill in connecting with others through both written and verbal communication, alongside her aspiring nature make her a valuable member of Raine Garden Design.