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Garden Design Ideas for Large Gardens

If you’re lucky enough to own a large garden but not quite sure what to do with it, not to worry! Large gardens needn’t be intimidating, as there are numerous things you can do to transform them into an organised, aesthetically pleasing and multi-functional space to enjoy all year round.

Here are 5 of the best design ideas for large gardens:

  1. Create distinctive zones
  2. Incorporate water features & sculptures
  3. Include outdoor living areas
  4. Consider vegetable and herb gardens
  5. Design a play area for children

1. Create Distinctive Zones

When you’re faced with a lot of garden space, you might feel a little overwhelmed when it comes to organising it. This is why creating distinct zones within your garden is perfect as it helps to organise the area and can offer the opportunity to feature different purposes and looks. For example, you can create zones based on your different interests such as a zen-inspired mediation corner, a play area or an area which encourages wildlife. 

You can separate these areas in a number of ways – walls, hedging, gabion stone cages, fences, arches or even paint to colour coordinate different styles. The opportunities are endless!

Garden Design Ideas for Large Gardens
Having clearly defined zones will also make your garden much more aesthetically pleasing and less messy, as everything will be in its right place. 

2. Incorporate Water Features & Sculptures

Another fantastic way to make the most out of your large garden is to incorporate water features such as ponds, waterfalls and fountains. These will naturally add a sense of tranquillity to your garden and best of all, attract stunning wildlife. You might even consider investing in a hot tub or garden spa for relaxing, socialising and swimming in.

When choosing water features for your garden, you might also want to consider incorporating underwater or landscape lighting to highlight the water feature and create a dramatic effect at night. 

Another way to add an artistic flair to your large garden is to add sculptures/garden art.  Art in the garden adds personality, character, and a unique aesthetic that reflects your unique tastes and creativity. Here are some examples of the type of art you might incorporate in your large garden:

Garden Art Examples

  • Sculptures (botanical or kinetic wind sculptures)
  • Statues (greek figures, animal statues)
  • Mosaic art (stepping stones or flower pots)
  • Garden ornaments (gnomes or gazing balls)
  • Metal artwork (hung on garden walls)

3. Include Outdoor Living Areas

Another fantastic design idea for a large garden is to incorporate outdoor living spaces such as patios, comfortable furniture, outdoor kitchens and table & chair areas. Multi-functional gardens are becoming more and more popular among homeowners as they embrace the idea of transforming their gardens into versatile and inviting living spaces for relaxation, dining and socialising. 

Studies have also shown that there are numerous physical and mental health benefits of spending time outdoors. Outdoor living is a win-win! So, here are some of the best ways you can incorporate outdoor living into your garden:

  • Comfy lounge areas – One of the main components of outdoor living is a comfy lounge area, whether that be comfy sofas, seats, beanbags, hammocks. The list goes on! This area is designed to allow you and guests to unwind, relax, socialise, read and do whatever you want to do while enjoying the beauty of your own garden.

  • Warm fire pitinstalling a fire pit or fireplace into your outdoor garden will allow you to enjoy time outdoors all year round, regardless of the temperature (which is usually pretty chilly here in the UK). Choose from a variety of different fireplaces, including a wood burning fireplace, fire bowl, chiminea or a wall-mounted fireplace, for example.

  • Outdoor kitchen & al fresco dining – Building an outdoor kitchen in your garden is a great way for all you cooking enthusiasts to bring the fun of cooking and entertaining outdoors. And eating outside, whether it be a relaxing breakfast or romantic dinner allows you to reap the pleasures of outdoor living with the enjoyment of a delicious home-cooked meal.

Garden Design Ideas for Large Gardens
Discover more outdoor living ideas for your garden here.  

4. Consider Vegetable and Herb Gardens

If you’re into your allotments and homegrown vegetables, why not dedicate a part of your large garden to growing vegetables, fruits & herbs? You could add raised beds or even a greenhouse for optimal growing conditions and to extend the growing season beyond summer. You could even plant a small orchard with apple, citrus or cherry trees, which not only provides you with freshly homegrown fruits, but also enhances the garden’s aesthetics. 

Here are some more benefits of having a fruit and vegetable garden: 

  • Optimal flavour and quality – By growing fruit and vegetables yourself, you can harvest fresh produce right from your garden, ensuring optimal flavour and nutritional value.
  • Environmentally friendly – Growing your own produce reduces the need for transportation, packaging, and energy consumption associated with retail produce. This is therefore a much more sustainable and environmentally friendly option. 
  • Cost-effective – Homegrown fruits and vegetables will save you money on your food shop, especially during the growing season when your garden is growing an abundance of produce.

Garden Design Ideas for Large Gardens
Incorporating a vegetable garden into your large outdoor space not only provides practical benefits but also promotes sustainability, and allows you to savour the joy of growing your own produce.

5. Design a Play Area for Children

Lastly, if you have children or have children in the family, you could designate a fun garden zone for the kids. With a large garden, there’s plenty of room for a structure like a playhouse and large equipment like trampolines, slide structures, climbing frames and swing sets. You could also include play equipment like a sandpit, teepee, activity table or paddling pool.

Not only will the kids love this, but having a designated outdoor play area can help reduce their reliance on electronic devices and encourage them to spend more time outdoors, which is great for both their physical and mental health. 

It’s important to note, however, that small children should be supervised when using tall play structures in the event of an accident or fall. 

How We Can Help

If you want to transform your large garden using any of the ideas above but are not too sure where to start, we can help! At Raine Garden Design, our experts will work closely with you to understand your preferences, lifestyle, and functional needs of your large garden.

Learn more about the benefits of hiring a professional garden designer here or get in touch at studio@rainegardendesign.co.uk / 07702 042559.

Written by Kate Jones for Raine Garden Design.

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